How I Stay Organized (Saving Time and Headaches) and How You Can Save $200 This Year!

My first year of running my own business was a time of trial and error and doing A LOT of things myself in order to save money. I used Google Docs and Sheets for everything client wise, from tracking leads, bookings, payments, and job status. It worked well for when I didn't have a lot of work to keep track of, but as the work increased, it became a hassle to edit all these lists manually and try to keep track of everything.

I realized that I needed a better solution, as it was my biggest nightmare to think that somehow I would double book a day, or somehow have the wrong wedding day down for a couple. I first went with Tave, an online customer relationship management system and used that for several months. From my time with Tave, I discovered that it has good framework for the business side of things (the calendar, task lists, etc) but the client side of things left a lot to be desired. There wasn't much you could customize in terms of the elements that potential and booked clients would see. And honestly, things looked clunky and unprofessional from the client side. As someone in a creative industry, the design and polish of everything going out to your potential clientele is essential, which is why I made the switch to Honeybook.

Honeybook had all the efficient business elements of Tave, but it also delivered a rich experience for clients as well. It was the perfect blend of both form and function. 
For those wondering what exactly a customer relationship management (CRM) system is or how Honeybook in particular can boost your productivity and reduce your workload, here is a quick rundown of its features:

  • Customizable Inquiry Forms to Embed on Your Website To Collect Client Info and Activate Your Automated Workflow

  • Online Contracts and Online Credit Card Processing

  • Questionnaires

  • Email Templates

  • Automated Workflow/Task Reminders

  • Job Calendar

  • & Much More!

Honeybook is offering 50% off your first month or your first year through this referral link, which amounts to savings of up to $200 your first year!

If you currently don't have a CRM or you haven't been happy with the one you're using, I would strongly suggest making the switch to Honeybook! You won't regret it.

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