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FREE Course: Grow Your Wedding Filmmaking Business In 4 Weeks!
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This Free 15 Lesson Course will tackle:

🎨Defining Your Branding
🎥Developing Your Creative Style
🗂Getting Organized

With contributions from leading wedding filmmakers: Forestry Films, Jay and Mack Films, Wild Oak Films, and Kriha Films.

Plus exclusive offers and discounts from Film Convert and Honeybook! (And a sneak peek into some new incredible LUTs from Jay and Mack Films)

Accelerate the growth of your wedding filmmaking business with this FREE 4-Part Course!

Developed and taught by wedding filmmaker Drew Barrett Meinecke, of D. Barrett Studios, this course will help you take the necessary steps to shore up your branding and enter new markets.

"I break down four critical steps that every emerging wedding filmmaker must take to dramatically increase their profits. I've taken my years of trial by fire and condense them down into this starter course that is all devoted to helping you improve your branding, make better films, and serve your couples better!"


You feel that you are on the brink of working with your dream couples and making the types of films you are passionate about but aren't quite sure what you need to do to get there. You have some weddings under your belt now and you have started to master the basics but you're not quite sure what's next. This course is for YOU!